Shelby Leigh, LPC
Counseling, Mindfulness & Dharma


You are NOT a problem to fix, or a diagnosis.  YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE.  You are a unique individual who has been facing challenges. No matter how far from radiant and confident you feel... I believe in your ability to become who you know you truly are at your core.

No matter how many doctors, therapists & healing journeys you've been through, there is so much possibility for you and I believe you and I can do things differently. Let's create space together to let the past stop taking over the present.

Imagine fully embodying yourself with kind awareness.  Embracing the difficult things with curiosity and spaciousness instead of reacting and getting small. Honoring your own creative path in this world and stepping into it fully, trusting yourself and the ground beneath you.  

  • Do you secretly wish you could feel as loving and lovable as you do in a new romance?  
  • Do you want to know in your bones who you are and what your needs and desires are?  
  • Are you willing to drop the relationship honeymoon fantasy and come into a GENUINE and HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP TO YOURSELF AND OTHERS? 
  • Would you like to bring a more sustainable and embodied sense of passion, care and aliveness to intimate relationships - especially when they get rough?

It's time to drop the criticism, shame and judgment. Time to practice self-compassion in a way that you can actually do instead of just think about. I know you've been trying your hardest already.  I know you've already tried so much. This might be just the thing to tip you over the edge into that contentment and satisfaction that you've been longing for.  

It's all possible.  And there's so many ways to connect with me whether it's in person or from afar.  You can come see me for one-on-one counseling and therapy at our warm and inviting office downtown at Confluence Clinic. I also offer mindfulness-based coaching via phone & online.  Mindfulness-based workshops, retreats and trainings regularly offered in-person and online on topics of Compassion, Loving-Kindness and Dharma.  Be sure to stay in touch to know when and where (scroll down and enter your info below).


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